HEADHUNTING/EXECUTIVE SEARCH We are specialists in finding and securing professionals and senior management for our clients. We devote our energies, full-time, to placing qualified applicants with good companies, confidentially target key people across all industry sectors and levels. We have strong proactive network and team finding the exact type of individual bearing in mind the personality of your company and the type of skills that will add real value to your team.

The first meeting with the client is mainly devoted to listening and information gathering. We need to know everything we can about your company, department, functions of the role and proposed profile of the candidate. We need to feel a part of the company. The more we know, the better we can represent your case to the market After discussing specific requirements with the client and defining the criteria for the candidates to be headhunted, we formulate a list of relevant candidates to target. The selection of candidates will be done according to experience, knowledge, personality, education, ability, potential and character.

We locate the best star talent (exceptional performance) in the market We provide you the most qualified candidates for your difficult-to-fill positions on a contingency fee basis. Dosha Consulting Headhunters will conduct your exceptional talent search locally or in collaboration with shreeji group, nationwide. We do not relay on advertised vacancy database rather our search team contact the keyed out candidates directly, so that the skill assessment and recruitment process is fast and effective. Our search process with the clients Meetings with the client to develop an understanding of the organization, its needs, and the open position.

Having written documentation/agreement of the position description, scope of services, code of conduct, general timetable and a statement concerning fees.

Verbal and written reports on the progress of the search and reference checking results Thorough evaluation of potential candidates, including: in-depth personal interviews by the search team and clients delegates, verification of credentials, and assessment of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to the position. 360 degree appraisal. Active participation in the final negotiations to facilitate communication between the parties. Our search process with the candidates.

Dosha Consulting  actively look for people with best talent rather than passively wait for people to come to us, as occurs in advertising. If you are an exceptional candidate, one of our network team will contact you in any method and will give you login code to our database. Once you login and submit your resume, your resume will then go into a database to be searched when an opportunity arises.

The Dosha Consulting recruiter may call you for an initial screening and overall information to determine your suitability (or have an actual interview). Dosha Consulting  should not submit your name and resume to the employer without your permission. Dosha Consulting recruitment team should maintain frequent and timely communication with you for 360 degree appraisal and fit checking during a search for a client.

You will only become a candidate for a position after Dosha Consulting recruitment team has determined your suitability for the job and after you have expressed interest in it. We will give you a complete explanation of the process and your ideal candidacy progress through your email. We will try all our best to make you aware of your “market value” in the industry and help you reach your career goal. Stay in touch with us periodically if you want to continue working together and get your dream job.
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