Consulting Services

We have chosen not to be a menu driven consulting company but rather one that brings an innovative and proactive approach.

Business Solutions (ERP)

We strongly believe that automating every process of your business can highly drive you to the place you want to go.

Outsourcing Service

We customize our service to meet your specific needs. You can save time and money by letting us help you manage your HR matters.

Recruitment Solutions

Right employees have a big impact on the reputation, market position and ultimately the profitability of your business. We do care for this!

What we do?

We Are Empowering Business & The People Who Drive It.

  Business Solutions (ERP)

Why is an ERP system important to your company? It helps you improve business performance by simplifying operations and consolidating all your company’s information in one convenient platform. This ranges from reducing costs and shortening cycle times and standardizing work processes. On top of these, it offers a number of intangible benefits such as higher employee morale and better company image...   Read More

  HR Automation System

We provide web based software which is customized to the specific client’s organizational type and append all the organizational HR related data. Provide secured web based server storage to client data usage and management. All HR software features accessible to client enabled, such as leave management, performance appraisal, report analysis, employee self service, talent acquisition, organizatio...   Read More

  HR Consulting Service

We would like to partner with your firm to handle a variety of HR functions including all types of HR manuals/policies/documents preparation, HR planning, Compensation packages/ benefits, recruitment and HR department system development. As your business grows, we are there each step of the way, providing just what you need when you need it. Daily Consult plc  is equipped with advanced technology...   Read More

Our Partners

We are currently working with these branded companies as Business partnership to provide utmost services to our customers

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Join now more than 175 companies who are working with us, we solve your tough HR problems in innovative way.